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After-sales service

Guangdong Bolante spirit of "high quality, excellent service, and development" spirit, "high quality products, reasonable prices, caring service" concept and responsible, open principle solemn promise to you:

       First, the product distribution inspection certificate and the appropriate amount of manual to ensure that users can correctly install the use of our products. Second, the company guarantees that the products manufactured by our factory are all produced and inspected according to relevant national standards. The unqualified products will never be shipped. To ensure that the strict implementation of the three guarantees to honor the product, the strict implementation of the relevant provisions of national industrial products after-sales service, the product shipped within 18 months from the date of shipment or product installation within 12 months (whichever is first), if the buyer Can confirm the product is in line with the company's recommended method of correct installation and use; to confirm that the product itself is indeed a design, materials or processing defects, and the company made a written application, the company will bear the defective products free repair, replacement or press Order a full refund. Third, the user of the quality of our products raised objections, the company promised to receive the user objections after 24 hours to make comments. For on-site solution, to ensure the sending of professional and technical service personnel, and do not solve the quality problem service personnel do not evacuate. For each user feedback product quality problems and the results I will be archived.
       Fourth, in any case, the Company will not bear the labor, materials, equipment, engineering or other related joint costs incurred as a result of the repair or replacement of defective products. The company's after-sales service commitment to this product can replace other express or implied form of product quality guarantee, and can be regarded as the buyer's sole liability and the seller's sole responsibility.

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