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Sales Concept

Bolante from the material into the factory to the finished product factory to establish a complete scientific management network and complete a set of control procedures and continue to operate effectively and continuously improve to ensure that customers meet the applicable laws and regulations and to ensure customer satisfaction. Mainly reflected in the following areas:

1. The management of the company provides sufficient resources to improve it by encouraging assessment and other means;
2 in accordance with the standards to establish quality management and assurance system;
3. Develop the quality policy and quality objectives of the enterprise;
4. Set the quality of the various departments responsibilities and authority;
5. Establish and improve internal communication channels and good communication environment;
6. All departments carry out quality activities in accordance with the prescribed procedures and record the process activities;
7. The development of company personnel job standards, a clear job responsibilities and job specifications;
8. Formulate qualifications, qualifications and skills training for all kinds of employees in the company and provide a good atmosphere for development.
9. Fully identify the needs of users, the contract review;
10. The implementation of advanced technology and quality standards, the use of new technology design and development work;
11. In the principle of optimizing the configuration and customer satisfaction, we conduct the evaluation and procurement of qualified suppliers and strictly control the purchase and acceptance of purchased materials.
12. The implementation of raw material testing of materials, mechanical properties test, metallographic analysis, structural inspection and other tests;
13. The key parts, the key processes for the process control point management, special processes for continuous monitoring and recording;
14. According to product requirements configure the appropriate monitoring and measurement equipment;
15. Strict measurement of testing equipment traceability standards, establish and improve the measurement inspection system and norms;
16. Regularly check and maintain the technical status and accuracy of the equipment capacity of key processes and record them;
17. In the production process with full-time inspection and measurement personnel to ensure that qualified products into the next sequence, assembly and delivery;
18. In the process of product realization using obvious products, test status identification, zero, parts identification and traceability;
19. The establishment of non-conforming product review system and rework, rework product re-inspection system, the development of non-conforming product corrective prevention and control procedures, and strictly implemented;
20. Develop and implement a full range of handling, protection control, to ensure that products arrive at their destination intact;
21. A dedicated service management departments and personnel, according to the procedures to provide services and customer satisfaction assessment;
22. There are good internal improvement mechanisms, through the internal audit, management review, corrective measures to improve the system.