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Product Development

Bolante adhere to independent research and development and innovation, high-precision technology to achieve a world-class flexible automation brand!
Companies focus on high-tech R & D team building, the establishment of R & D center, and into UF product data management software PLM, to promote the company's technology development and product innovation process. With advanced technology and senior technical staff, using the most advanced computer-aided design software and modeling tools to achieve system integration, mechanical design, circuit control, software development, fixture design and other automated design. Senior team also through customer and market-oriented continuous improvement, the introduction of new models to ensure that the new model of scientific and practical.


ERP system:
UF U8 system operation, a rigorous system control inventory of materials, procurement, production orders, the production process are recorded in the computer to trace the manufacture of personnel, parts, inspection and other precise scheduling and delivery to meet the fast Delivery requirements. Standardized processing operations, production efficiency and quality requirements are implemented with the highest requirements.