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  • Product Name: Horizontal Robot
  • Product Number: Horizontal Robot
  • Added time: 2014-05-27
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Because of its lightweight structure, rapid response and high kinematic accuracy, and with the advantage of hight kinematic accuracy, and with the adcantage of high rigidity,high precision,high speed, small installation space and large work space, SCARA robot is widely applied to industrial areas, such as plastics, auto, electonic products, household appliances,drug,precision machinery and food, etc. With the increasing social demand and progress of technique, industrialization of assembled robot is strong increadingly. The domestic SCARA robot industry is still in a fledging period at the moment. Our SCARA robots strive to promote technology integration with the company, to combine the mechatronics technology and intelligent motion control technology with sensor technology.With perfect combination of lightweight structural design and industrial modeling design, from the sensor design of tools and fixture to vision software and progamming enviroment, our SCARA robots are all based on mature industry application techonolgy platform, and run through the fiexibility of application. Our company's robots'combination property has reached industry advanced level, so that we are able to ensure the competitiveness of products in the technology, and lay a stable foundation of production of products to the market and win customers'trust.


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