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  • Product Name: Vertical Sprayer
  • Product Number: Vertical Sprayer
  • Added time: 2014-01-02
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1. Can choose the pre-set point and upright set point function, can increase the speed of finished products, mechanical structure of solid and practical.

2. The device can be a single move, but also with the die-casting machine, take-off machine connection into automatic production.

3. The device has two special atomizers, which can make the fixed and movable mold atomize better, and can adjust the water volume and no water leakage. When the thin castings are made, the atomization effect is more obvious.

4. The device can be separately on the fixed side, the side of the spraying agent release time adjustment.

5. The device has the function of ascending blowing, spray up at the same time sweep the fixed and movable mold surface, so that the mold surface clean and clean.

6. The device can adjust the amount of spray release agent.

7. Lift cylinder for free positioning anti-fall cylinder, to ensure that the spray head in the absence of pressure anywhere will not slip.

8. The device has a steady rise and fall speed, rapid decline deceleration function.

9. The machine adopts Mitsubishi PLC programming control, there are upright positioning and upright positioning selection function.

10.Configurable electrical panel can display and set various functions and parameters, easy to operate and fault code display easy to overhaul.

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