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  • Product Name: Five-axis Stamping Manipulator
  • Product Number: BREA01M5005A
  • Added time: 2014-11-06
  • Views : 1774


1.Five-axis AC servo driving, all the traverse-stroke can be agjustable.

2.With special robot control system, stable function and hight precision movement.

3.Palm controller with dialogue type operation interface, easy for learn.

4.Adopt of the hight precision linear guide rail, with high protection degree, can be work in rough condition.

5.Can be work in group to cooperate with the stamping machinery to make the stamping robot system. With high efficiency, synchronization accuracy and great safety protecion.

6.Reduce the manpower and accurately control the output to reduce the waste.

7.With fault warning intructions, simple maintence and easy to understand.

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