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  • Product Name: Servo Sprayer
  • Product Number: Servo Sprayer
  • Added time: 2014-01-03
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1. Upright transverse two-axis structure, the use of aluminum parts to greatly reduce the weight of the machine, so that the action is more lightweight and fast.

2. Using high-precision linear guide, suitable for long-term operation in harsh environments, with a higher degree of protection in the industry.

3. Japan's Matsushita servo motor and imported precision reducer, high speed, precision and degree of protection up to IP67.

4. The use of independent atomization nozzle, atomization effect is excellent, each nozzle spray volume can be adjusted separately, the nozzle angle can be adjusted, fixed-point spray and continuous mobile spray, you can choose to use before and after the spray.

5 using Japan's Mitsubishi computer, stable, reliable, long life.

6. In the X, Y-axis continuous movement between any two points in the repeated spray and inflatable.

7. Hand-held terminal, set and operate in a book, through the touch-screen man-machine interface can freely edit the spraying process, can be fixed spray, floating spray or spray for the focus of the local mold.

8. Only need to modify the spray process when changing the mold without having to replace the nozzle, because the cost is lower than the copper tube spraying.

9. Fault alarm text description, easy to understand and maintain.

10. How many sets of mold technology to save the difference function.

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