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Guangdong BORUNTE Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Wish you a happy New Year! The year of the monkey!

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    Time flies. On this occasion, Guangdong BORUNTE Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Wishes you: happy New Year! The year of the monkey! Family happiness! Best wishes!
In 2015, we thank you for your continued support. In the past, we have received your trust and support. This is our most precious treasure and the most precious gift you have given us. In the coming year, we express our sincere gratitude and warmest regards to you.
The Spring Festival holiday: February 2 - February 14
February 15 normal work
Time and tide wait for us to go to the New Year


In the past year, I have been looking back on the year of 2015.


On January 23, 2015, he was awarded the honorary title of "enthusiastic public enterprise".


On March 4, 2015, we signed the "strategic cooperation" agreement with Mr. Matsui, deputy general manager of China investment co., LTD.


On April 15, 2015, guangdong yue Lin electrical technology co., LTD., with brown big purchase contracts, the company to the company's procurement stamping manipulator 80 sets, 23 sets of injection molding manipulator, contract amount is 8002500.00 yuan.
In May 2015, the domestically developed six-axis industrial robot, which was independently developed by the company, entered the home appliance industry and made a good start.



29 June 2015 solstice on June 30, 2015, is also in the capital markets extremely unstable situation, actual controllers, the chairman Mr Yin Rongzao initiative to increase its stake in the company stock and promise voluntary underweight in five years.
On July 20, 2015, the company the first 19 meeting examined and approved by the board of directors of the material assets reorganization plan, the company intends to shenzhen hua cheng industrial control co., LTD. Of all the shareholders directional way of issuing shares, acquisition of shenzhen hua cheng industrial control co., LTD. 100% stake in the number of total issued shares to 6 million shares, issue price of RMB 20 per share.



On July 27, 2015, the company disclosed the "notice of foreign investment" and proposed to invest RMB 3 million in the holding of chang lilai robot technology co., LTD.


On August 19, 2015, the 6-axis robot successfully applied to the 3C electronics industry of CNC machine tools.


On September 12, 2015, brown popular entrepreneurship and innovation industry conference held smoothly, with distribution and direct sales to speed up the construction of two roads "grant" 4 s shop "around the world, eventually improve the market share of the company's products quickly.


On October 21, 2015, he attended the 17th China plastic expo, which lasted four days and attracted many customers.


On November 3, 2015, brown and Shanghai YiLu packing co., LTD. Signed a three-year "strategic cooperation agreement", the first industrial robot sales amount for 100 sets, the total number of more than 1500 sets.


On December 12, 2015, he welcomed zhou ji, President of the Chinese academy of engineering, to investigate and investigate the company.

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