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Warmly welcome Director-General Huang with Guangdong Department of Science and Technology and his party to BORUNTE for investigation and survey

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    On the afternoon of January 7, Director-General Huang Ningsheng and Deputy Director-General Ye Jingtu with Guangdong Department of Science and Technology and their party came to BORUNTE for investigation and survey under the company of Vice Mayor of Dongguan He Yu, Vice Town Mayor of Dalang Ye Zhuowei, etc. Chairman Yin introduced these leaders about the company’s culture, recent development situation, future development direction and strategic objectives.

    While visiting the industrial robot production workshop, Chairman Yin introduced to Director-General Huang that BORUNTE industrial robot has realized national production and BORUNTE products not only feature superior quality and high cost performance but also can promote the progress of the core technologies for key components of the domestic industrial robots. BORUNTE is striving to make the domestic industrial robot more competitive than the foreign products and promote the extensive application of domestic industrial robots. In the mean time, the mass entrepreneurship and innovation marketing mode BORUTE uses can rapidly popularize the application of the products.

    Chairman also introduced Director-General Huang the Rongzao Industry Fund he has established cheerfully. This fund is focusing on the intelligent manufacturing industry he is familiar about and adopts an “industry + capital” value investment mode serving the main body of BORUNTE company. At the same time, the fund plans to use a 20/80 mode to invest abroad, and by making full use of the company’s resource integration, join hands with more small and medium-sized enterprises to realize rapid enterprise development. Director-General Huang highly praised the product positioning of BORUNTE, the “Industry + Capital” value investment mode and 20/80 investment mode. He hopes BORUNTE will become a high-tech incubator to duplicate more BORUNTE-type enterprises and have more “Yin Rongzao” spring up. He also expressed that Chine needs more enterprises with dream and passion like BORUNTE, and hoped the company would strengthen communication with relevant departments of the local government in the future and the local government should also step up support for sunrise enterprises.


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