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“Dugu Qiubai”, three-axis bulldozer BRTN15WSS3 needs 40,000 yuan only

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Determined BORUNTE 2025! Yes, ensure to complete it! Complete it resolutely!
We released a preferential sales policy about the three-axis servo bulldozer manipulator to qualified BORUNTE application businessmen only on September 20, 2017, and the specific content is as follows:

BORUNTE is the platform supplier of 6-DOF industrial robots, horizontal robots, two-hand 13-axis robots, parallel robots, spraying explosion-proof robots, injection molding manipulators, stamping manipulators and die-casting manipulators. Now we are recruiting application businessmen:

1.As long as you have an independent company, enough interpersonal connections, and application service capabilities. As long as you have a factory engaged in injection molding, die casting, ceramics, grinding, 3C electronics, footwear, packaging or metal stamping, and an intelligent system integrating design, planning, construction and management technology, you have the opportunity to become an application businessman of BORUNTE!
2.If you are excellent enough, BORUNTE will start credit extension to you, and based on the credit extension system, will add the personal unlimited liability guarantee. BORUNTE has fully entered the era of application businessman. Since you have had the venture capital, then why are you waiting for? Act now!

By September 20, 2017, the number of our qualified application businessmen had exceeded 100, reaching 141, which is further closer to the goal of 500. Since holding the industry meeting themed mass entrepreneurship and innovation in the injection molding manipulator industry on September 12, 2015, the team of the application businessmen has growing rapidly. In order to encourage more persons with lofty ideals join the team of BORUNTE application businessmen and realize their personal dreams rapidly, we decide to recruit lots of application businessmen.
In order to vigorously promote the development of application businessmen, we started launching the credit expansion and rebate system to application businessmen since November 18, 2016 and held the first application businessmen meeting on October 2, 2016. Then on February 11, 2017, we grandly worked out the monthly shipment and annual shipment reward system. As long as you are good enough and trustworthy enough, you can obtain up to 6 million yuan interest-free credit expansion quarterly, enjoy rebate up to 20% for three- or more-axis manipulators, and win as many as 42 robots as reward for shipment.

Consultation hotline:
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“Industry Dream Words of Yin’s Robot”: To complete BORUNTE 2025 is the first step to practice BORUNTE dream and the effective path is: two-wheel drive under the light asset operation mode, application businessman mode and Rongzao capital mode. BORUNTE application businessman mode is the industry pioneer and its positioning is the entrepreneurship world and business startup platform of grass roots and Diaosi in the intelligent manufacturing field. Our goal is to develop 1,000, 10,000 and finally 100,000 application businessmen.
The first step to achieve BORUNTE 2025 is to realize the goal of producing 50,000 or more manipulators and 10,000 robots annually in the injection molding industry; the second step is to realize the goal of producing 50,000 robots and over 50,000 manipulators annually; and the third step is to realize the goal of producing over 200,000 robots and over 50,000 manipulators annually.
The fundamental way out for the Chinese robot industry is: Cost. To have tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises afford and bear the fees for using robots is crucial. Ontology manufacturers, core component manufacturers, application businessmen and end users combine to promote the great development of the robot industry, of which the market demand should be over 10 million per year, and these robots will serve more than 10 million small and medium-sized enterprises around China. This is the force under the dream, the force of trust and more the force of combination of knowledge and action.
As the full-servo file comes out, the injection molding manipulator industry enters the all-electric era in advance, and next a huge replacement market will be triggered. Since then, BORUNTE full-servo manipulator will be hard to get! When BORUNTE full-servo files are launched, BORUNTE full-servo manipulator 600~1,800 (covering 99% injection molding machine market) has become hard currency and the delivery time will be a big issue. Production will be arranged according to orders and then the forward price of the full-servo manipulator will be circulated in the market. Change always occurs before change and learning ability is equal to competitiveness. If you do not change today, you will be changed tomorrow.

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